31.05.2015: (Version 0.7-2) [Download]

  • Fixed Bug: Remove Destination button in Traffic Volume form not working properly


11.02.2014: (Version 0.7-1) [Download]

  • Added more beautiful visualization of multiple selected LineNodes
  • Fixed bug: Target velocity not set correctly for newly created vehicles
  • Switched CVS to Github


09.06.2012: (Version 0.7) [Download]

  • new feature: User-defined simulation duration and random number seed, thus allowing better reproducibility of scenarios
  • new feature: Stop signs
  • new feature: Mapping of vehicle velocity to color
  • new feature: Customizable color map
  • new feature: Render and simulation setup are saved within network files
  • improved: Zoom level can now also be manipulated bei CTRL + Mouse Wheel
  • fixed bug: Reset button does not reset statistics
  • fixed bug: Traffic volume editor messes up when defining new starts/destinations after loading files
  • fixed bug: wrong calculation of arriving time for intersections
  • some performance improvements/tweaks
  • various code cleanup


08.03.2012: (Version 0.6-7) [Download]

  • some performance improvements/tweaks
  • various bug fixes


27.02.2012: (Version 0.6-6) [Download]

  • rewrote network canvas code now offering unlimited canvas space and improved scrolling behavior
  • fixed and improved network layer handling


20.02.2012: (Version 0.6-5) [Download]

  • added network layer system to organize traffic separated on multiple layers
  • further improved intersection handling and yielding behavior
  • various minor fixes and improvements


07.02.2012: (Version 0.6-4) [Download]

  • holding SHIFT when selecting nodes will add them to current selection instead of replacing them
  • significantly improved yielding behavior
  • fixed selecting all traffic lights when just clicking one of them


02.02.2012: (Version 0.6-3) [Download]

  • implemented sophisticated per-NodeConnection statistics
  • TrafficVolume statistics now also consider avg. number of stops per vehicle
  • fixed target velocity not being considered when creating NodeConnections
  • small line change interaction fix


20.01.2012: (Version 0.6-2) [Download]

  • added GUI layout persistence
  • fixed possible crashes when altering network layout during simulation


12.01.2012: (Version 0.6-1) [Download]

  • major routing performance improvement
  • implemented per-TrafficVolume statistics
  • fixed crash when dragging traffic lights with multiple assigned LineNodes


10.11.2011: (Version 0.6) [Download]

  • major GUI update now featuring freely arrangable docking windows and panels
  • update traffic volume handling now offering the comfortable Traffic Volume Editor
  • vehicle target speed is now a per-vehicle as well as per-connection property
  • various improvements of the traffic logic
  • improved network rendering code
  • various bug fixes and minor improvements


26.10.2011: (Version 0.5-2) [Download]

  • further improved cooperative line changing behavior and intersection blocking prevention now offering deadlock prevention
  • minor GUI improvements
  • further code cleanup


19.10.2011: (Version 0.5-1) [Download]

  • improved line changing behavior and intersection blocking prevention
  • implemented user-definable signal cycle time
  • major code cleanup


17.10.2011: (Version 0.5) [Download]

  • completely rewritten traffic logic
  • vehicles avoid blocking intersections
  • changed GUI language to English
  • improved automatic vehicle creation
  • further bug fixes


19.07.2011: (Version 0.4-2) [Download]

  • introduced user-defined simulation speed and granularity
  • introduced selectable render quality
  • fixed lookahead distance too small for some trams


14.08.2010: (Version 0.4-1) [Download]

  • new evaluation function for destination routing
  • slightly revised traffic logic
  • new example network: Millerntorplatz
  • various bug fixes


26.03.2010: (Version 0.4) [Download]

  • improved A*-Algorithm for destination routing: Routings containing line changes are also considered
  • background images can be scaled, dimensions of network canvas can be set
  • several bug fixes and minor improvements


08.03.2010: (Version 0.3-2)

  • implemented smooth line changes for cars
  • new rudimentary loading screen
  • various bug fixes and minor improvements


26.02.2010: (Version 0.3-1)

  • completely rewritten signal light control and GUI
  • bug fixes


13.01.2010: (Version 0.3)

  • implemented a new line change model for forced and voluntary line changes
  • various bug fixes


02.01.2010: (Version 0.2-1)

  • traffic volume definitions can have multiple start and destination nodes
  • preparations for line change model
  • bug fixes and GUI beautifications


06.12.2009: (Version 0.2)

  • implemented traffic logic for trams and buses
  • two new test networks: Barbarossaplatz (Cologne), Durlacher Tor (Karlsruhe)


05.12.2009: (Version 0.1-3)

  • reverted to old traffic logic due to design flaws of the new traffic logic
  • GUI improvements
  • bug fixes as usual


07.09.2009: (Version 0.1-2)

  • started implementing new traffic logic based on VehicleBehaviours and IntersectionHandlers
  • several refactoring and code optimization
  • measuring traffic volume in vehicles/hour


16.06.2009: (Version 0.1-1)

  • slight modifications of the traffic logic
  • vehicle lengths vary
  • improved destination routing
  • various bug fixes


09.06.2009: (Version 0.1)

  • first Public Release